La Bocayna dive site

General description

This dive site owes its name to the strait that separates Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. It is also part of the steep wall of “El Calamareo”, where volcanic reef platforms drop into the white sand and along which there are about 8 dives sites. We anchor at the top of the platform about 13 to 15 m deep from where the wall goes down to about 21 m. If we follow the wall to the left, we will find a beautiful rock ceiling along the way under which we will spot medium-sized dusky groupers, forkbeards, lobsters and sometimes even rays resting in the sand. A little further on we come to a small cave with the shape of a “U”: Here you can dive from one side to the other and even ascend through a rather narrow chimney-shaped gap that ends on the platform. As we return to the boat over the area of sand, we usually see stingrays and eagle rays looking for food, and barracudas, atlantic bonitos, and amberjacks in the blue of the ocean. Since the maximum depth does not exceed 21 meters and it is possible to stay at medium depth, this dive is suitable for Open Water divers who already have a little dive experience


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