El Bajón del Río dive site

General description

**Probably the most famous diving spot in Fuerteventura!** There is a reef here with three mushroom shaped rock formations rising from the sandy bottom. Those rock formations owe their spectacular and unique shapes to the currents and waves that have eroded them for centuries. The combination of shoals of fish with the set of lights that is created between the hollows of the rock formations makes this dive spot one of the most beautiful in Europe . Under the mushroom shaped rock formations we usually find groupers, seabreams, mackerels and microfauna like nudibranchs. Above them, shoals of barracudas and amberjacks hunt the sardines that are omnipresent. On the sandy bottom rays and angel sharks can be found. Since the currents in the channel can be very strong, this dive cannot always be carried out. We only dive here when the tides coincide with weak or no currents.


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Sandy with rock formations



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